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Dream Catcher

Don’t mind me, I’m just over here catching my dreams.

In June I found myself surrounded by dream catchers. While leading our Women’s Soul Vacation in Todos Santos we learned one of the women that worked in the kitchen spent her spare time making the dream catchers that were lovingly hung in the dining area overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Though she worked full time at the retreat center cooking she, her husband and her young daughter all created these dream catchers to sell to supplement their small income. As a gesture to support her family we asked her if she would be willing to come in one evening after dinner and teach some of our ladies how to create their own dream catcher. We had no idea the adventure we were about to participate in.

The woman and her young daughter patiently sat with us and guided us for hours and hours as we wove our individual creations with intention. Though we spoke different languages we shared, we laughed and we connected, woman to woman, soul to soul. We practiced our Spanish and the mother and daughter practiced their English. There were moments where each of us had to extend ourselves to try and understand the other. Our souls shared wisdom through work with knowing smiles, warm encouragement and tender glances. We sat working together late into evening. We didn’t let our differences stop us from connecting and learning from each other. We opened our hearts and we worked with our hands to create beauty.

My dream catcher is now hanging in my sons room. I shared the experience with him. I told him about the love and work that went into my creation, I told him it wasn’t easy. I told him how I had to try hard to understand what the teacher was offering us and sometimes I wasn’t sure what to do. I told him that sometimes I messed up the pattern and I needed to ask for help to get back on track.

I learned a few things that evening. I learned our dreams are always worth the effort. And that messing up is just part of the process. I learned asking for help is essential. And I learned that sharing our dreams with others makes the world we belong to ever more abundant.

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Photo taken on location by @thulegit of 2TPHOTO.